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Sideways Semi

I let my father borrow my s1r2 on put it on his hat one night he was working late and we had run out of daylight. He feel in love with it and I decided to buy him one right then. Every time I see him he was always saying how much he liked it and how he keeps it with him because it's so small and handy. Fast forward a few month and my 69 year old father had a mechanical failure on his flatbed semi trailer. He ended up turning the trailer with a load of round bails and his semi over on the passenger side. Only lost a few bails because the straps rubbed through and broke. The rest I had to climb up and cut the straps so they could pull it back over on its wheels. When my dad loads something and slaps the load and says that ain't going anywhere he means it hahaha. Thankfully he had a seat belt on was not injured. Unfortunately the passenger window was open and he lost his hat. The very hat he had his s1r2 clipped to. He searched the accident for it and couldn't find it there or in the cab of the truck. I ordered him another soon after but every time I saw him he talked about it being one of the best presents he has gotten. In his book a good present is something very useful. I have to agree I rely on mine every day