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I have officially been a huge olight fan since last Christmas. My husband got his first olight. Well we went out camping and we kept hearing noises all around us on different nights. Well thanks to this amazing M2r he got we were able to see what was going on. First night we got to see a sugar glider, he was absolutely amazing and we could see so much of him. Got to watch him glide and everything. Then the next night got to see the most interesting of friends coming up into camp. A racoon and possum. They were trying to sneak up anytime we cooked. We were able to not only see them but was able to get amazing close up pictures because the light made it possible to. Husbands pictures were better but hey this was my attempt at pictures. The last photo is showing what we were seeing through to get the pictures. Shoutout to olight for their amazing lights and great customer service.